PANDORA released 2016 winter jewelry series Creamy stone design is very modern

Published: Saturday 05 November, 2016
PANDORA2016 years of the winter series of modern and modern products, each jewelry coupled with a perfect process, the distribution of a unique luster, so that women continue to seek breakthrough in the distribution of charming temperament and fashion style.
This series of inspiration from ethereal galactic stars, to the universe triggered creative concept, coupled with the stars of the sky patterns and exquisite craftsmanship on the stones as a miniature of the Galaxy.
Filled with fashion sense of the star ring bracelet design approachable, flashing cubic zirconia stone cleverly embedded in the vertical and horizontal overlap of the 925 silver bracelet, with different shapes. The same series of earrings and string ornaments are also decorated with shiny cubic zirconia, as if scattered in the roundabout of the orbital above, whether it is the day mix and match or lighting party dress is the best of the condensate cream
PANDORA closely pace the pace of the season, launched a series of winter winter frost cream jewelry. The collection is a collection of winter temptations and stylish stylish mood, the perfect presentation of the water droplets condensed into frost beauty. Blue and white color of the crystal, like a kaleidoscope-like reflection of a unique color, exciting, and your beloved costumes sparked fashion.